Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Farewell friend

Alia's birthday

This one is our 1st time experimenting with chocolate ganache and there some things that we will and could improve in the future..

Wish us the best of luck!!~

Anis's order

Aizuddin's order

Din's gift for Amy

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Just for you Laily

Simple design

A staff at Bonda's office saw the cuppies that bonda brought in for her boss, she ordered 30 pieces straight away..

Bonda's order

Our Bonda wanted to give a gift to her boss upon his retiring, therefore she asked us to come up with a batch of cuppies with all the things that he likes. (Alleycats, singing, music and the colour blue)

Yus's order

This one is a 1st.. glad it turned out okay... Thank you Yus :)

Monday, June 28, 2010


Our dear friends Laily wanted a box for her to enjoy on her own.. design was up to us..

Jun's order

Jun ordered a box of cuppies to celebrate a dear friend's birthday. How sweet. The theme: Manchester United.

Iman's order



A design simple but cute as requested by Siti

Qiss's order

At first it was Cookie Monster, now it's Elmo's turn

Deep purple

Puan Fuziah called us up again asking for cupcakes to be made for a wedding.

Mimi's order

I remember Mimie ordering this batch for her friend to be brought back to Johor..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Aida's order

Aida came all the way from Damansara to pick up these cupcakes to be presented to her friend as an engagement present..

Alya's order

Our dear friend Alyaa gave us a ring, ordering cuppies for her dear friend Apis. The theme was football and orange.. here's what we came up with...

Kak Yaya's order

Kak Yaya ordered 2 boxes of cuppies, the design was: ANYTHING. this gave us a chance to be creative and experiment around creating new designs.

Anna's order

A good friend will give you cupcakes as your engagement present ;) That's what Anna did when her friend, Umi was engaged.

Sofia's order

Sofia is from Shah Alam, she insisted that she wanted something girlish and to have the cuppies iced with "sofia loves hafiz"

Tora's order

Tora called us up to give he BF a surprise gift. The theme would have to be in blue, so we asked her what her BF was into.

Tora: BF i suke camera, Topshop and Chelsea..

Birthday for atuk~

Yes my father is being mentioned again in this post..once again, being the father as we know him, he pulled his "last minute" orders asking for 2 boxes of cuppies for atuk's birthday to be brought to Banting. It was 1 o'clock and he wanted it by 4!!! Aboh is one of our fussy-est customer and always wanting his cuppies on the last minute. But we still love you!!!~

Just for you Opah

Opah came to visit from Taiping, and we haven't seen her in a while, so Aboh (our father) bought some just for Opah to take back to Taiping. But knowing our father, he had to order at the last minute... right when Opah was going back to Taiping..

Fathin's order

Fathin wanted to order cupcakes for the whole family, but she wasn't sure of what she wanted. She only gave us a rough sketch of the names she wanted on the cuppies, the rest was up to us.. The only thing she was firm about was that it has to be pink & purple!~

Azmi's order

My best friend Azmi who was in Sabah wanted to surprise both his best bud and sister on their birthday. So he gave me a call and asked me to whip up something for Awie (his best bud who was a doctor) and Kak Ikin... so the first batch goes to Awie..

p/s: sorry for the poor image quality, this was taken via mobile camera

Especially for Kak Ikin...